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Benefits of Artificial Insemination

A.I. is an investment that will pay off both economically and practically. The following benefits summarize the advantage of implementing an A.I. program in your herd:
  • Genetic Improvement of your herd
  • Better breeding records
  • Easier first calving
  • Disease transfer is avoided
  • No hidden expenses
  • Utilize progeny tested bulls
  • More uniform calf crops
  • Crossbreeding is easier
  • Added safety with no live bulls
  • Increased production and type
  • Faster gaining calves and improved mothering ability
An artificial Insemination program involves considerable preliminary planning and labor, and it can be extremely rewarding when properly managed. Our clinics are designed to help you plan and make those decisions which will best fit your A.I. program. Our intense four day clinic covers subjects that are required for proper A.I. management decisions.

These four day clinics run from Tuesday through Friday during the scheduled dates. We have classroom sessions each morning from 8 am to 12 noon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We also have classroom sessions on Tuesday through Thursday from 6pm to approximately 8pm. On Tuesday through Thursday afternoons (~1pm to 4:30pm) you will attend laboratory sessions where you will work on live cattle; learning proper semen-handling procedures, palpation, proper use of equipment, and artificial insemination technique. You must prove competency in three areas to receive your Certification for AI from Bovine Elite, LLC.:

  1. A written test covering pertinent topics relating to Artificial Insemination.
  2. Proper use of AI equipment and frozen semen handling.
  3. Proper artificial insemination technique on live cattle.

The pregnancy determination section of the clinic can be taken concurrently and starts on Wednesday. It concludes with a practical test on Friday morning at our live cattle laboratory. You must prove proficiency in this area to receive your certification from the Texas Agriculture Extension Service. You will be trained by a TAMU Extension Specialist in the section.

The minimum age to attend our clinics is 16 years. Additionally this young person must be strong and tall enough to AI and Palpate live cattle during our lab sessions. Your training and testing will finish approximately mid-afternoon on Friday. You will also have an opportunity to purchase the proper AI equipment, semen tank and semen for your cattle during the week.

You will receive certification of each section completed (AI and Pregnancy Determination). To practice AI for hire some states require an additional written test and registration with that state's Veterinary Office. Check with your state on this. Since pregnancy determination is a diagnostic tool and covered under the Veterinary Practice Act, you cannot use this tool for hire. You can use this experience in your own herd. You cannot invoice for your work as "Pregnancy Determination or Palpation".

Artificial Insemination School Agenda

Subjects covered in school are:
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Reproduction
  • Estrus Detection
  • Estrus Synchronization
  • Correct Use of CIDRs
  • Frozen Semen Handling Practice
  • Correct AI Syringe Loading Procedures
  • Reproductive Management
  • Herd Health
  • Proper Nutrition for Reproductive Efficiency
  • Practical Training on Live Cattle
  • Sire Evaluation, Sire Selection, EPDs
  • A.I. Equipment Utilization
  • Liquid Nitrogen Container Care / Maintenance
  • Body Condition/Culling Practices
  • Weights, Measures, Record Keeping

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