G A R Retail Product 13395329 Black Angus
Born: 8/14/1999
Tattoo: 5659
Semen:   $20
G A R Retail Product
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EPDs as of: 8/25/2018

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G A R Precision 1680
Tehama Bando 155 Band 234 of Ideal 3163
Tehama Blackcap G373
9J9 G A R 856 Rito 9J9 of B156 7T26
Blackbird G A R 833
G A R Retail Product
G A R Ext 4927
N Bar Emulation EXT Emulation N Bar 5522
N Bar Primrose 2424
G A R Traveler 641 Q A S Traveler 23-4
G A R Scotch Cap 150