EXAR Upshot 0562B 16541214 Black Angus
Born: 1/22/2010
Tattoo: 0562B
Semen:   $30
EXAR Upshot 0562B
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EPDs as of: 12/6/2018

EXAR Upshot 0562B
The Most Talked About Bull at the 2011 National Western Stock Show and headliner of the Express Ranches Champion Carload. Potentially Upward’s all-time best son considering his performance, genomic profile and overall EPD package. Unique pedigree ranking in the top 1% of the breed for YW, Milk, $Feedlot and $Beef

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Sitz Upward 307R
Connealy Onward Connealy Lead On
Altune of Conanga 6104
Sitz Henrietta Pride 81M Sitz Value 7097
Sitz Henrietta Pride 1370
EXAR Upshot 0562B
EXAR Barbara T020
Isu Imaging Q 9111 G T Expo
Summitcrest Pride 351F
LCC Mc Henry Barbar MG382 Bon View New Design 1407 [RDF]
Leachman B C 4410