Connealy Final Product 15848422 Black Angus
Born: 1/23/2007
Tattoo: 7212
Semen:   $22
Connealy Final Product
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EPDs as of: 12/6/2018

Connealy Final Product
Final Product will add showring appeal to your calf crop. Reports on his progeny have been impressive, as these cattle are packed full of look and functionality. Calving ease reports have been excellent, with calves growing fast. Base width, sound structure, and volume are all traits that Final Product can add to your operation. His daughters are making great cows and will be sure to influence herds for years.

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Connealy Product 568
G A R Retail Product G A R Precision 1680
G A R Ext 4927
Pride Fine of Conanga 566 Bon View New Design 878
Pride Fan of Conanga 6456
Connealy Final Product
Ebonista of Conanga 471
Connealy Deep Canyon 454 Larks Canyon 74D4
Ronna of Conanga 64452
Ebonisa of Conanga 5469 Papa Universe 515
Ebony Asy of Conanga