Woodside 17862852 Black Angus
Born: 8/15/2013
Tattoo: 3405
Semen:   $20
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EPDs as of: 9/4/2018

One of the most exciting herd sire prospects to sell in 2014!
Sired by the multi-trait leader Consensus 7229.
Dam is herd sire producer Rita 5F56 (AMF-DDF-NHF)
Woodside currently ranks among non-parent sons of Consensus #6 for REA and #24 for $B
He has been collected by North American Breeders and is producing high quality semen

Full sisters include:
-Rita 3460 - #4 REA and $B female
-Rita 3449 - #7 $B and #11 REA prospect
-Rita 3452 - #15 REA female
-Rita 3607 - #12 MB and #17 $B female

Maternal brothers include:
-Rito 9Q13 - #1 REA and #1 $B proven sire
-Rito 9M25 - highlight of the Genex roster
-Rito 9Q20 - #4 $B proven sire
-Rito 12E7 - #4 REA sire featured by Genex
-Rito 7M96 - # 7 MB proven sire
-Shenandoah 1C49 - #4 REA proven sire featured by Origen

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Connealy Consensus 7229
Connealy Consensus KMK Alliance 6595 I87
Blinda of Conanga 004
Blue Lilly of Conanga 16 Woodhill Admiral 77K
Blue Cash of Conanga 6020
Rita 5F56 of 1I98 FD
C A Future Direction 5321 G A R Precision 1680
C A Miss Power Fix 308
Rita 1I98 of 2536 Rito 6I6 Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807
G A R Precision 2536