S A V Angus Valley 1867 17016630 Black Angus
Born: 1/5/2011
Tattoo: 1867
Semen:   $22
S A V Angus Valley 1867
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EPDs as of: 11/12/2018

S A V Angus Valley 1867
One of the highest selling Angus bulls in 2012, Angus Valley progeny have lived up to the hype in herds across the country! He sires growth, muscle and outstanding style with extra size and scope.
Use Angus Valley to add the maternal power and prepotency of the famed Blackcap May cow family, one of the most productive and profitable cow families in the breed.
He is an ideal choice for Final Answer, Net Worth, Predestined, Confidence and Consensus 7229 daughters to add extra length and dimension while keeping BW in check

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