WR Journey-1X74 16924332 Black Angus
Born: 12/19/2010
Tattoo: 1X74
Semen:   $30
WR Journey-1X74
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EPDs as of: 9/4/2018

WR Journey-1X74
• JOURNEY records the number 3 $B index among 20,512 active Angus sires as of December 5, 2014.
• No other bull in the Angus database can match JOURNEY’s combination of calving ease, accelerated performance, docility and end product excellence. JOURNEY ranks in the top 5% or better among current sires for 16 of the measured traits and indexes available on an Angus pedigree.
• JOURNEY is an exceptionally long bodied bull. He is athletic and free moving with excellent foot structure.
• Use JOURNEY to add length and performance in a calving ease package.
• Use JOURNEY to stay on the leading edge of Angus EPDs and genomic data.

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B/R Future Direction 4268
C A Future Direction 5321 G A R Precision 1680
C A Miss Power Fix 308
B/R Ruby 9114 B/R Destination 727
B/R Ruby 521
WR Journey-1X74
2 Bar 5050 New Design 7831
G A R New Design 5050 B/R New Design 036
G A R Precision 706
2 Bar 036 Lady 0107 B/R New Design 036
2 Bar Stockman Lady 001