SAC Conversation 17808532 Black Angus
Born: 11/12/2013
Tattoo: JS02
Semen:   $25
SAC Conversation
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EPDs as of: 9/22/2018

SAC Conversation
Nothing but great calf reports from those that have used this impressive herd sire and it is because of the talk that made us certain he would add quality to our already impressive lineup. This bull is as solid as they come in terms of his EPD’s, but it is his phenotype that is the most exciting. I always tell people, if he looks good then he is good. Not only does Conversation balance up well from the profile and offer a high quality look, but he is a rugged built bull with real skeletal width and muscle. His calves have been as consistent and uniform as any, and you can bet they will bump up your bottom line.

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BT Royal Pride 237G
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SAC Conversation
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