Mill Bar Hickok 7242 (sexed f) 17351674f Black Angus
Born: 1/23/2012
Tattoo: 7242
Semen:   $45
Mill Bar Hickok 7242 (sexed f)
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EPDs as of: 9/4/2018

Mill Bar Hickok 7242 (sexed f)
Well rounded, maternally oriented bull with super phenotype and calving ease
The next step CONSENSUS 7229 son offering outstanding performance and maternal traits with enhanced calving ease and $Beef
Progeny offer consistent, well balanced type and kind with extra depth of rib and muscle
Ideal maternal combination coupling a top $Weaning Index with moderate mature size along with outstanding Heifer Pregnancy and Docility EPDs

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Connealy Consensus 7229
Connealy Consensus KMK Alliance 6595 I87
Blinda of Conanga 004
Blue Lilly of Conanga 16 Woodhill Admiral 77K
Blue Cash of Conanga 6020
Mill Bar Hickok 7242 (sexed f)
Mill Bar Bemindful Maid 6304
S A V Final Answer 0035 [RDF] Sitz Traveler 8180
S A V Emulous 8145
Mill Bar Lady DI 3400 Bon View New Design 1407
Mill Bar Lady Di 2716