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Bovine Elite, llc.
3300 Longmire Drive
College Station, Texas 77845

The cost for each section of the school is:

Artificial Insemination Only - $600.00
A.I. and Pregnancy Determination taken concurrently - $900.00
Pregnancy Determination is not offered as a stand alone clinic.

A nonrefundable deposit of $250.00 guarantees you a spot in the clinic on a first come, first served basis. Get your application into us no later than ten days prior to the clinic. A $25.00 additional fee will be charged for all applications received within ten days of the clinic date. We instruct up to 24 students per clinic. You are allowed to switch clinc dates ONCE. There will not be any clinic date switches within 10 days of the clinic. Bring old clothes or coveralls and boots; you will get dirty during the practical portion of the school.

For further information contact:
Carl Rugg, President
(979) 693-0388 • (800) 786-4066 • (979) 693-7994 (FAX)