RFG Leon-MG 809-4 CHY MCB352818 Charbray

Semen:    $25
(Price in US dollars)

BW:    88
AdjWW: 818
AdjYW: 1232
MatWt: 1980

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RFG Leon-MG 809-4 CHY is a deep and long bodied bull. He is an easy keeping kind, a trait inherited from his sire and dam both. His dam is one of Ranch LaLeona's best First-Generation females. 809-4 CHY was the 2016 Intermediate National Champion full, obviously a standout in terms of performance and eye-appeal. The maternal Grand Sire (Icare) was also one of the bulls that Bovine Elite imported from Charolais Optimal in the early 90's and was noted for exceptional performance, body mass and extra length. We would recommend us on mature females.