Lane Manufacturing Pulsator IV - Part No. LM-1 (LMP-IV)

PULSATOR IV - Auto Adjust™

The PULSATOR IV is the gentlest, most effective ejaculator available on the market today and is the ONLY EJACULATOR THAT OFFERS 3 METHODS TO COLLECT BULLS AND GIVES THE OPERATOR COMPLETE CONTROL.

•MANUAL MODE - Lane Manufacturing, Inc has always been known for its efficient manual operation, with 9 level limiting step switch and rheostat control.
•PROGRAM MODE - The PULSATOR IV has a pre-programmed collection sequence, and is the only machine on the market today that allows the operator the option of interacting with the power by increasing or decreasing the pre-programmed stimulus. The operator also has the option of dropping out of the PROGRAM MODE at any time into the MANUAL MODE, to give the operator complete control without holding the stimulus or starting over.
•LEARN MODE - The PULSATOR IV can learn. This mode allows you to program your own collection sequence and re-run it as a program mode. It also allows the same interaction as the other 2 modes where the stimulus can be increased or decreased.

The PULSATOR IV is housed in a lightweight, compact design, weighing less than 10 lbs, the PULSATOR IV is the toughest machine on the market. The PULSATOR IV is the only machine on the market with a 5-Year Warranty! It has three programs, manual, program, and learn, that allows the operator complete control during the ejaculation process. The complete package comes with the PULSATOR IV, charger, power supply, 1 probe (your choice of size – 60mm, 75mm or 90mm), 2 probe cords, scrotal tape, semen collection handle, 100 disposable cones, vials, carrying case, and complete instructions.