Maxi Sleeve (Large Brown/Blue) Resealable Bag (100 QTY) - Part No. MAXI-1-L

Maxi Sleeve Obstetric Glove (100)
This is the glove that many Veterinarians prefer. This is a lightweight, very sturdy plastic glove, universally sized and packaged in sturdy resealable poly bags of 100 gloves each.
Designed for OB and A.I. use, the disposable MaxiSleeveŽ is a premium glove measuring 39 inches from fingertip to shoulder. It is made from a blended polymer film for an optimum strength/sensitivity ratio. The MaxiSleeveŽ in brown has a 1.25 mil (Extra Strength) film thicknesses. The shoulder length glove is shaped to fit the hand with a minimum of material overlap.