Animal Immobilizer - Part No. IM - 2000

The RAU Animal Immobilizer has been developed after many years of scientific research and is constructed from high quality materials and components. The primary use of the RAU Animal Immobilizer is for electronic immobilization of cattle using a very low electric current during branding, de-horning, castration, hoof trimming or other minor treatment procedures. This immobilization is not stressful to the animals. To date, field trials have shown no negative effects, even on pregnant animals at any stage of pregnancy. The immobilizer has also been used successfully on horses, sheep, goats and wildlife. The kit consists of a Pulse Generator in a metal case with controls on the top face, a vehicle cigarette lighter charging adapter and a rectal probe with 8 feet of heavy-duty cable. A rubber ring is provided on the probe to set the depth of insertion. The RAU Animal Immobilizer has a 12 Volt, self-contained, sealed lead-acid, rechargeable battery, capable of delivering 8 - 10 hours of continuous use. The battery is easily charged using the adaptor provided. Simply plug it into your car or truck. An optional AC 110v /DC 12 v adapter is available for faster battery charging.