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Maine Anjou and Shorthorn cattle can be TH and PHA carriers. For more information on these conditions
please see our News page or refer to the articles below:
Cowboy Genetics
It's All in the Genes

Semen Orders:
On all sales orders over ten total straws, no packing, handling or lab fees are charged. Orders of ten straws or less will require a $15.00 packing fee.

UPS round trip freight charges WILL APPLY on all semen orders!!

Sire Name
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BAK Pioneer 0113X $25
Barbwire $15
BBR Rumor Mill $50
BK Lifeline 258J $20
BK Medicine Man 472 $20
BK Power Plus 211L $20
BK Simple Solution 599S $20
BK Warrior 128W $20
BOSS Western Union 37L $25
BPF Mercedes Benz 131U $25
CAG Shiver 301R $20
Calberta Big Timber $20
CMAC Hard Core $20
CMAC Tyson ET $20
Cowan's Ali 4M $200
Cowan's Ali 4M 2 (Clone) $25
Daddys Money $25
Daines Survivor 128K $20
DCC Faultless 8P $20
DCC Hard Drive 138R $30
DCC Premium Blend 47S $50
DMCC Mercedes $20
EBB Strictly Business $20
FGJ Habanero $100
FJH Timeline 500J $20
FJH Vision 109G $20
GCC SLC Merger 459U $30
GEF Dirty Harry $30
GEF Open Bar $20
GF Kadabra $25
GF Stainless Steel 655P $25
GMC Live Wire 110J $20
GOET The Maine Man $25
Ground Zero $20
GTWY Breathe Easy $20
GTWY Show Business $20
GVC Maverick 05U $25
GVC Special Delivery 42S $30
HFM First Impression $25
HRF Frank The Tank $25
JP Mr Black Max 46E $20
K&A Spice 74S $20
KBC Taz 9521E $30
KGST Fear This $25
MB Soot $15
MCF the Specialist 9A74E $20
MINN Hard Whiskey 591Y $40
MINN Live Action 203Y $25
MJT Easy $20
MSD Daines Holysmoke 30X $15
NBJ Gigolo Joe $25
OHL Score Board 21x $25
OHL Trademark 17U $25
Paddy Omalley $25
Predator 19U $25
RSG Pay Off 805E MCF $15
TFRM Bourbon Street $25
The Right Cross $15
TJSC Hot Commodity $20
TLM Bouncer 152L $20
Torque 442 $20
TPSC Prince $20
Yellow Jacket $30

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