Zhivago T-38225 Texas Longhorn

Semen:   $20
(Price in US dollars)

Born: 4/4/1987

Weight: 2300

Horns: 64

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ZHAVAGO Zhivago is sired by King, out of a Don Quintana daughter. Zhivago reached a mature weight of over 2,300 lbs. with horns tip to tip push over 64". Zhivago has more bone & substance than any other bull in the history of the breed. His laid-back disposition makes him the favorite pet of any gathering where he may appear. He sires bold horn growth on both his sons and daughters, superior to many other well known sires of the breed. Zhivago's sons are used as herd sires coast to coast. Zhivago adds substance, size & wonderful disposition to any pedigree. His daughters are excellent milkers. His best known sons are Gizmo & Zigfield. Use him to add thickness and meat quality with horn. His steer sons are being raised for riding steers due to perfect leg soundness and rapid training skills. He is an extreme bull with cutting edge qualities at still around at 20 years of age.
      King Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 262
      Safari B 496 Don Quintana
Safari B 119
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