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EziWeigh5i #829002

EziWeigh7i #829008

ID5000 #823435

XR5000 #823436

Load Bars

Multipurpose MP600 #805122

Multipurpose MP800

Heavy Duty HD850

Multipurpose MP1010

Heavy Duty HD1010

Weighing Platforms

Alleyway Platform AP600 #821723

Alleyway Platform AP800 #821724

Small Platform #831740

EID Readers

ERS EID Handheld Reader

XRS2 EID Stick Reader

SRS2 EID Stick Reader

Weigh System Packages

EziWeigh5i System #828993

S1 Weigh System #831270

General Information

Measuring livestock performance is vital to maximizing farm and ranch productivity and profitability. Utilizing the information provided by Tru-Test Scale Systems gives the confidence to make the proper decisions on cattle feeding, health care/treatment and herd management practices. Bovine Elite, LLC is a World Leader in Artificial Insemination, Semen Sales and Cattle AI Management Clinics. Weights and measures are a critical portion of a successful AI Program. In conjunction with strict culling practices, the overall performance of your cattle herd will improve dramatically.

On its own, weighing is a valuable addition to a farming or ranching operation. Accordingly, our offering includes world leading and award winning Weigh Scale Indicators, EID readers and Weighing Accessories that truly add value to your cattle breeding program.

Selecting a Weighing System:  When selecting a cattle weighing system, consider where you will be most likely be weighing your cattle. Producers that already have a squeeze chute can either weigh the cattle while they are in the chute or weigh them in the alley prior to entering the squeeze chute. If you do not have a squeeze chute, you will most likely want to choose the alley weighing solution for portability and convenience.

Depending on your individual need and operation the decision to utilize portable or stationary livestock scales is important. The need to weigh the individual animals or a group of animals can greatly determine what type of scale system is needed for the farming operation.

Weighing In An Alley:  Portable Livestock scales options are available for alley weighing. Alley weighing is a convenient and portable way to weigh your cattle. Installation is not difficult - simply attach the load bars to a manufactured Tru-Test platform utilizing the pre-drilled holes and the included bolts. Or, you can make your own platform from pre-treated lumber and mount it to the load bars in a similar fashion……your choice. The portability allows the operator the flexibility of quickly setting up a weighing location in various areas around the livestock operation. Setting up a light weight portable platform scale inside the alley makes it easy to capture the weight of an animal without the hassle of relocating them just to achieve weight records. These portable livestock scales can be utilized on concrete as well as level unimproved surfaces such as packed gravel. Many smaller herds and producers with multiple locations select this option.

Typical Alley Weighing Systems Include:
  • MP Series Load Bars
  • Tru-Test Manufactured Platform
  • Scale Indicator – A number of options are available

Permanent Weighing System:  Converting your squeeze chute into a livestock scale system is easily done by mounting load cells or Heavy Duty Load Bars under the squeeze chute. Stationary livestock scales allow for capturing weights on single animals as they enter the squeeze chute. A stationary livestock scale may also include a customized platform with gates to contain the group of animals, allowing the producer to capture a group of animals and record an average daily weight gain. Typically stationary livestock scales are mounted on concrete footings on a level surface. When the load bars are bolted to concrete and attached to your chute, this permanent situation will allow for continued use for many years and is ideal for producers with larger herds weighing large numbers of livestock.

Permanent Weighing Systems Include:
  • HD or XHD Series Load Bars (brackets may be necessary)
  • Scale Indicator – A number of options are available