Artificial Insemination/Palpation Clinics

Benefits of Artificial Insemination

AI is an investment that will pay off both economically and practically. Whether you are just building your base herd, adding new genetics to your existing herd, producing show quality progeny for the Club Calf market or increasing market potential, AI is the best method to achieve your end product. The following benefits summarize the advantage of implementing an AI program in your herd:

  • Genetic Improvement of your herd
  • Better breeding records and data acquisition
  • Easier first calving with proven calving ease sires
  • Disease transfer is avoided with properly health tested sires (CSS)
  • Utilize progeny tested sires for performance, maternal, calving ease, carcass value
  • No hidden expenses – you can predict your labor and product costs
  • More uniform calf crops, particularly with estrus synchronization
  • Crossbreeding is easier if you have multiple breeds
  • Added safety with no live bulls to manage and feed
  • Increased production and type – staying up with market trends
  • Faster gaining calves and improved mothering ability

An Artificial Insemination program involves considerable preliminary planning and labor, and it can be extremely rewarding when properly managed. Our clinics are designed to help you plan and make those decisions which will best fit your AI program. Our intense three-day clinic covers subjects that are required for proper AI management decisions.

Our clinics are planned from Wednesday through Friday during the scheduled and posted clinic dates. A combination of classroom lectures and learning sessions are coupled with practice on several live cattle during the clinic. During the laboratory sessions you will not only work on live cattle, but will learn proper semen-handling procedures, palpation, proper use of AI equipment and artificial insemination technique.

You must prove competency in three areas to receive your Certification for AI from Bovine Elite:

  1. A written exam covering pertinent topics relating to Artificial Insemination.
  2. Proper use of AI equipment and frozen semen handling.
  3. Proper artificial insemination technique on live cattle.

The minimum age to attend our clinics is 16 years old. Additionally, this young person must be strong and tall enough to perform the tasks on live cattle during our lab sessions. You will also have an opportunity to purchase the proper AI equipment, semen tank and semen for your cattle during the week.

You will receive certification to practice AI for hire. Some states require an additional written test and registration with that state’s Veterinary Office. Check with your state on this.

Artificial Insemination School Agenda

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Reproduction
  • Estrus Detection
  • Estrus Synchronization
  • Correct Use of CIDRs
  • Frozen Semen Handling Practice
  • Correct AI Syringe Loading Procedures
  • Reproductive Management
  • Herd Health
  • Proper Nutrition for Reproductive Efficiency
  • Practical Training on Live Cattle
  • Sire Evaluation, Sire Selection, EPDs
  • A.I. Equipment Utilization
  • Liquid Nitrogen Container Care / Maintenance
  • Body Condition/Culling Practices
  • Weights, Measures, Record Keeping

Online Course Registration Feature

AI Clinic full price is $900


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"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the A I class last week. The people involved in the class were very nice and knowledge as hell. I learned way more than I was expecting and so much information that will be helpful to me in the future. Your class is exceptional and I will sure recommend it to anyone that is considering going to an A I school. Cody and I were both impressed and really enjoyed our time there with you. Thanks again and I really appreciate the time and efforts that you put into to your Bovine Elite clinics. Be seeing you again from time to time."
- Roy Dickerson

"Jason Beard here. I'm the tall guy that asked a bunch of questions all week. I just want you to know that I really loved that clinic. I honestly feel that it was money well spent. Your instructors were so knowledgeable and helpful all week. The extra mile that all of you go to get each student on track was evident every day. I learned a great deal, and really appreciated the wealth of information on all topics presented. I've been using A.I. for a few years, and now I feel that I have that extra knowledge and confidence needed to reach a higher level of success. Thank you and great job! I look forward to doing business with you for many years to come. Now please make it rain!"
- Jason Beard

"I wanted to take this chance to thank you for the quality education I received in your November AI/Palpation Clinic. You all presented practical, technical and “hands-on teaching” in a manner that was very enjoyable and easy to put into use after the clinic. All the extra information provided and educational sessions were outstanding as well. I feel very confident in my ability to AI and Palpate cows and have been putting my education to use upon my return home. Thanks again for everything and I highly recommend your clinic to anyone thinking about doing it."
- Ryan Person

"I attended the AI/Palpation course in September. As advertised the class was everything said to be and more. I have palpated a couple hundred cows soon after completing the course, had every cow checked at the sale barn as well and I was correct about all of them. I plan to AI some replacement heifers this winter and feel confident doing so with what ya'll have taught me. The class was alot more than I expected. You didn't just teach us how to AI, you taught us about heard health, nutrition, and genetics. I learned getting a cow bred starts long before you put your arm in her. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the class and look forward to dealing with ya'll in the future with any of my cattle needs."
- Kyle Sessions

"First off I want to tell you that the AI/Palpation School in September was great. All of your speakers & Instructors were very professional, knew their stuff, and were more than willing to answer all questions that we asked of them. I will definitely refer anyone I know looking to learn this skill to your school. I am getting ready to AI three of my Brahman heifers that I have kept as replacements. They are 18 months old, I have given them the MultiMin shot, we are getting ready to go for the scheduled breeding in November."
- David Murry

"Thank you for making my week with Bovine Elite so productive and informative. Everything about my experience there was first-rate. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned about herd management in addition to the obvious skills taught about A.I. and palpation. I really appreciate the way you and your team filled the schedule with meaningful learning experiences. Also, I was blown away by your instructors. I couldn't have hoped for a group of instructors with more knowledge or experience. We'll be in touch in the future. For now, thanks for everything you and your staff did to make it a week well spent."
- Chris McGarraugh

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help over the past week. You have a great thing going for you and I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the class. Please tell Dr. Sprott and Terry thank you for me. I look forward to utilizing the lessons y’all taught me. Thanks again and GOD bless."
- Lin Shook

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and learned from the clinic. I am currently back in Louisiana getting ready to breed two head. You provided all the information one could handle and it is now up to me to practice and really make use of it. I am truly pumped up about starting a good quality herd and a family based show project and now have the tools. Thanks to your team. Terry - I have to give you credit for easing my mind the most at you telling me that when I get home - I could do this! That made a big mental difference. Y’all were so awesome. Thank you so much."
- Casey Forbes Fontenot