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Contact us directly by telephone, email or facsimile to order semen from any of our outstanding selection of genetically superior beef sires.

In addition to our extensive inventory of beef semen, Bovine Elite can also provide you with all the equipment and supplies that you will need for your AI program, including estrus synchronization products, Chart/MVE and Worthington Industries liquid nitrogen tanks and complete AI kits. Check in the AI Equipment section of this website for all your AI supplies including semen, tanks, AI & palpation clinics, scales and AI equipment.

Telephone Facsimile or Email:

Mail/Physical Address: 3300 Longmire Drive, College Station, Texas 77845

Within the U.S. Phone: (800) 786-4066 | Outside the U.S. Phone: (979) 693-0388 | Facsimile: (979) 693-7994 | Email:

When ordering, be sure to include your full name, full street address and telephone number. UPS cannot deliver to P.O. boxes. Complete payment is due with your order.

Domestic Shipments:

Semen and embryos are shipped via UPS (ground service) in specialized liquid nitrogen vapor-style shipping containers. UPS will pick up our shipping containers at your door within one to two business days after your order is delivered. On all sales orders over ten total straws, no packing, handling or lab fees are charged. Orders of nine straws or less total will require a $15.00 packing fee. Overnight shipments are available through UPS for an additional fee. When time is short and specific delivery times must be guaranteed, Bovine Elite recommends this option. Please see below for approximate fees and time frames for semen delivery.

UPS Ground Shipping Approximate Fees for Semen Purchases

Zone by Zip Code (First 3 digits)
Time Frame by Zone (Business Day)
Cost per Zone
733, 750-754, 756-761, 764-768, 770-782, 786-787, 7891-2 Days$144
705-714, 717-718, 734-735, 745, 747-748, 755, 762-763, 769, 789-784, 788, 795-7962-3 Days$152
325, 350-358, 360-361, 364-367, 369, 375, 380-383, 386-397, 420, 636-643, 647-668, 670-676, 678-679, 700-704, 716, 719-732, 736-744, 746, 749, 785, 790-794, 797-799, 881-8852-3 Days$157
242-243, 246-248, 250-253, 255-259, 261, 271, 280-282, 286-324, 326-329, 333-339, 341, 342-349, 359, 362-363, 368, 370-374, 376-379, 384-385, 398, 399-418, 421-433, 437-438, 448-479, 490-491, 493-495, 500-540, 546-547, 549-555, 559-562, 570-575, 577, 600-635, 644-646, 669, 677, 680-693, 800-820, 822-823, 826, 850-853, 855-863, 865-8803-4 Days$162
070-089, 100-104, 110-113, 116, 127, 130-132, 137-241, 244-245, 249, 254, 260, 262-270, 272-279, 283-285, 330-332, 434-436, 439-447, 480-489, 492, 496-499, 541-545, 548, 556-558, 563-567, 576, 580-594, 596-597, 821, 824-824, 827-834, 836-837, 840-847, 854, 864, 889-893, 898-933, 935-938, 9793-4 Days$180
004-005, 010-046, 048-069, 105-109, 114-115, 117-126, 128-129, 133-136, 595, 598-599, 835, 838, 894-897, 934, 939-961, 970-978, 980-986, 988-9944-5 Days$187

Terms of Payment:

All orders are prepaid via cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, PayPal or bank wire. We no longer ship orders COD. All prices are subject to change without notice, due to factors such as available inventory. Bovine Elite will not be held liable for manufacturer’s price increases or fluctuations in semen prices due to supply and demand.

A.I. Certificates and Signing Fees:

Angus: For Angus AI Certificates, current prices are posted in the Angus AI Certificate section of our website. You can contact us by telephone to place your order or place your order online. Make sure that you have your Angus Member Number available when ordering. All Angus AI Certificate orders must be prepaid and will be transferred electronically to your member account at the American Angus Association as soon as possible, normally within 3 days. Since we do not profit from the sale of each certificate, we charge a small service fee for all certificate orders. Our clients find that it is easier to contact us to purchase AI certificates from one source as opposed to contacting various sources for AI certificates from multiple bulls. If you have a problem paying our service fee, then do not contact us for certificates. Our minimum service fee is $15.00 for the first certificate owner source and $5.00 for each additional owner source for each order placed. If you do not understand this policy, ask us to explain it again when you contact us.

Charolais: Prices and the source or AI Signings are listed on our website in the AI Signings section of our website. You can order AI Signings from us directly on those sires that have a price and purchase option, by telephone or online. For those bulls that have a “Read More” option, click that option to access the proper owner for that particular bull’s AI Signing. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Hereford: Prices and the source or AI Certificates are listed on our website in the AI Certificates section of our website. You can order AI Certificates from us directly on those sires that have a price and purchase option, by telephone or online. For those bulls that have a “Read More” option, click that option to access the proper owner for that particular bull’s AI Certificate. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Brahman: Most Brahman AI Certificates are provided by the owner of the bull. Some owners include the AI Certificate with the semen, while others charge a nominal fee for each AI Certificate to cover the American Brahman Breeders Association fees. Contact us for specific information on bulls that you need AI certificates for.

Bovine Elite has been your supplier of beef and dairy semen as well as artificial insemination equipment, Chart/MVE and Worthington Industries semen tanks, TruTest scales and estrus synchronization products since 1991. We continue to be dedicated to providing only the highest quality products at the best prices, in addition to the superior service that is synonymous with our name. Bovine Elite is proud to bring to the beef industry, genetically superior sires that will assist producers in achieving their production goals. Professional herd management involving artificial insemination and embryo transfer is our business, and that is why Bovine Elite offers experienced consulting services to our clients. Bovine Elite also offers eight AI Management and Pregnancy Determination Clinics each year for cattlemen interested in utilizing AI and pregnancy determination in their cattle breeding program.

We are proud to have at our side, dynamic seed stock producers that have supported us and have provided us with the superior genetics that have made us leaders in the industry. We have semen available for purchase from over twenty breeds of beef cattle, including the largest stock of Akaushi, Angus, Braford, Brangus, Brahman, Charolais, Hereford, Red Angus, Simbrah and Simmental in the United States. Our focus is based on genetics that deliver profitable performance for you as the producer and consistent quality for the consumer. We continue to work in this direction and believe that this is the foundation for the success of our clients and the beef industry.

Take time to review the sires featured on this website. Many of these sires are proven successful bulls that have been major influences in their respective breeds for years, with thousands of offspring. Others are younger sires that are products of some of the most respected cattle breeding programs in the nation, and will be highly sought after bulls of the future. Our focus has been, and will continue to be, providing you with the best possible sires that excel in multiple traits. Our lineup is packed with bulls that offer calving ease and performance, maternal value and carcass merit. We provide these genetics to you in a quality package and in a helpful, service-oriented manner. In addition, we pride ourselves on providing respectful and quality service during ordering and after the sale. Contact us for all your AI needs or an opportunity to attend one of our many AI Clinics.

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