A.I. Consulting Services

Bovine Elite, offers consultation for all procedures related to artificial insemination. A well implemented artificial insemination program involves considerable preliminary planning and labor. Our focus and specialty is to help you not make the mistakes so commonly committed by others.

Would you like to incorporate the following progressive techniques and technologies in your ranching operations?

Techniques/Technologies We can help you by:
A.I. and pregnancy determination Providing Clinics to show you how
Genetic Selection for your herd Providing Inventory and Experience

At Bovine Elite, LLC., we are proud to offer our knowledge and vast experience in:

  • A.I. Management Clinics
  • A.I. Equipment Sales and Service
  • A.I. Palpation Clinics
  • Livestock Appraisals
  • Semen and Embryo Sales
  • Exporting