Angus AI Certificates

Angus AI Certificates: Please read this important information!

Make sure that you have your Angus Member Number available when ordering. All Angus certificate orders are prepaid and will be transferred electronically to your member account as soon as possible. We have over $10,000.00 worth of AI certificates on file at any one time, but may not have all that you need when you order. We will service your order as quickly as possible, but if we do not have all the certificates necessary to fill your order, it may take more time. A typical order for certificates that we have on file will show up in your account in approximately three working days from the day placed and confirmed. Since we do not profit from the sale of each certificate, we charge a small service fee for all certificate orders. Our clients find that it is easier to contact us to purchase AI certificates from one source as opposed to contacting various sources for AI certificates from multiple bulls. Our minimum service fee is $15.00 for the first certificate owner source and $5.00 for each additional owner source for each order placed. If you do not understand this policy, ask us to explain it again when you contact us.

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