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A.I. Supplies Orders:
Bovine Elite, LLC has a $20.00 minimum per order on AI Supplies and Equipment. Please be aware of this when you place your order online.

If you are ordering agricultural products, PLEASE complete, sign and return the Tax Exempt Form so that we will not be required to add sales tax to your order.

Veterinary Prescription Information!
To complete prescription orders, please submit you Veterinary prescription or use our prescription form with the Veterinary information completed, dated and signed.

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Estrus Synchronization Products - (Most of these items require a Vet Prescription to purchase)
CIDR CIDR (Pkg of 10) (No Prescription Required)
CIDR Implant Tool Applicator Gun (Implant Tool) (No Prescription Required)
Cystorelin (2cc/dose)
Cystorelin (10ml) Cystorelin 10ml-5 dose bottle (Requires Vet Prescription)
Cystorelin (30ml) Cystorelin 30ml-15 dose bottle (Requires Vet Prescription)
Estrumate (2cc/dose)
Estrumate 20ml Estrumate 20ml-10 doses (Requires Vet Prescription)
Estrumate 100ml Estrumate 100ml-50 doses (Requires Vet Prescription)
Lutalyse (5cc/dose)
Lutalyse 30ml Lutalyse 30ml - 6 doses (Requires Vet Prescription)
Lutalyse 100ml Lutalyse 100ml - 20 doses (Requires Vet Prescription)

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