Beefmaster Semen

Semen Orders: Please read this important information!

During the established Fall and Spring breeding seasons, semen orders are shipped as soon as possible after they are placed and paid for. As you might imagine during these periods, a tremendous number of orders are being placed with us. That is why we recommend that you plan far enough ahead to avoid any delays, semen shortages and extra UPS fees to expedite your order. Please note that normal ground shipments may take up to four business days. If you are unfamiliar with the manner that frozen semen is shipped, contact us for details.  On all sales orders of ten total straws or more, no packing, handling or lab fees are charged. Orders of nine straws or less will require a $15.00 packing fee.
Sire EPD Comparison

UPS round trip freight charges WILL APPLY on all semen orders!!

ImageSireHornReg NoPriceShopping Cart
Bells Hot Topic 2417HornedC1081022$40.00
Bullet Proof 864PolledC931489$100.00
CJ's Bernard 1724Homozygous PolledC1082445$25.00
Drifter of NG 234FDehorned M11161$25.00
Ellis' Clint EastwoodHornedC1062819$40.00
Ellis' Pecos L143PolledC1110816$40.00
HDH 389G "Stout"PolledC1118576$40.00
HDH Doughboy Polled C1114431$25.00
Hood Red Reserve 710H Homozygous PolledC1085618$25.00
Lyssy's 525HornedC1138870$30.00
McAlester 4521HornedC1052714$65.00
MCK Flint Rock 142PolledC1103594$25.00
Miller 741HornedC1096365$50.00
NG Flint 1437H3Polled C1142841$30.00
NG Foresight 1849F ScursC1108737$20.00
The Captain 910HornedC967566$30.00