Brahman – Grey Semen

Semen Orders: Please read this important information!

During the established Fall and Spring breeding seasons, semen orders are shipped as soon as possible after they are placed and paid for. As you might imagine during these periods, a tremendous number of orders are being placed with us. That is why we recommend that you plan far enough ahead to avoid any delays, semen shortages and extra UPS fees to expedite your order. Please note that normal ground shipments may take up to four business days. If you are unfamiliar with the manner that frozen semen is shipped, contact us for details.  On all sales orders of ten total straws or more, no packing, handling or lab fees are charged. Orders of nine straws or less will require a $15.00 packing fee.

UPS round trip freight charges WILL APPLY on all semen orders!!

Sire EPD Comparison

ImageSireHornReg NoPriceShopping Cart
BRC 542/8Horned 998399$50.00
BRC 555/8Horned 998159$50.00
BRC Boomtown 372/8 Horned 988538$50.00
BRC Independence 22Scurred 1001023$50.00
BRC Mr. Aggie 108 Horned 1015905$50.00
BRC Mr. Aggie 108-Sexed Female Horned 1015905$150.00
BRC Peanut 641/8 Horned 998639$100.00
BRC Stockman 91 Horned 1031719$50.00
BRC Yetistone 588/8Horned 998388$50.00
CT Gold Nugget 14/9 Horned 996826$50.00
JDH Goudeau Manso 174/0Horned892664$45.00
JDH King of Clubs Manso (Sexed Female) Horned 896343$60.00
JDH Mr. Fusig MansoHorned 830408$250.00
JDH Mr. Manso 319/4Horned834262$40.00
JDH Sir Jerome Manso 224/4 Horned842945$50.00
Mr Kallion 1352 (Sexed Female) Horned 925514$60.00
Mr Kallion Independence 1776 Horned 956243$60.00
Mr Kallion Maverick 1649 Horned 933405$60.00
Mr Kallion Secondhand Smoke 4Horned 1040966$100.00
Mr SNS Lawless 225/4Horned930831$250.00
Mr V8 996/7 "Vaquero"Horned 950884$50.00
Mr. H Bogota Manso 253/1Horned902091$50.00
Mr. H Elton Manso 529Horned825686$100.00
Mr. HM 777Horned776284$25.00
Mr. JS 360/4 "Big JJ"Horned836281$50.00
Mr. JS 509/1 "Cajun Boy"Horned811229$50.00
Mr. JS 515/1 "Maximus"Horned823192$40.00
Mr. Karu Manso 800 (Sexed Female) Horned 904806$70.00
Mr. V8 259/7 (BRC)Horned 907983$100.00
Mr. V8 274/7 "George" Horned907982$100.00
Mr. V8 299/7Polled908697$50.00
Mr. V8 675/6 (ET) Horned872232$100.00
Mr. V8 739/7Horned 934071$250.00
Mr. V8 788/7 (BRC) Horned 940182$50.00
Mr. V8 815/5 "Tommy Bahama"Horned819767$100.00
Mr. V8 901/4 Horned733891$100.00
Mr. V8 960/5 Horned827436$50.00
Mr. V8 968/7 (BRC)Horned 950794$100.00
Mr. V8 987/7 Horned950653$75.00
Mr. WT Karu Boy 20/1Horned819323$40.00
MSP Garrett Manso 348/1Horned906967$50.00
NMSU Garrett Manso 7057Horned862754$50.00