Braunvieh Semen

Semen Orders: Please read this important information!

During the established Fall and Spring breeding seasons, semen orders are shipped as soon as possible after they are placed and paid for. As you might imagine during these periods, a tremendous number of orders are being placed with us. That is why we recommend that you plan far enough ahead to avoid any delays, semen shortages and extra UPS fees to expedite your order. Please note that normal ground shipments may take up to four business days. If you are unfamiliar with the manner that frozen semen is shipped, contact us.

On all sales orders over ten total straws, no packing, handling or lab fees are charged. Orders of nine straws or less will require a $15.00 packing fee.

UPS round trip freight charges WILL APPLY on all semen orders!!

ImageSireReg NoPriceShopping Carthf:att:pa_semen-type
GLB Polled Vision ETPB46989$20.00
MAE Magnum PI PB84825$30.00
Northstar Vernon AEB53A-6252OB6203$20.00
RDF Polled Samson ETPB53762$20.00
SFCX Sumac Maranatha 1AOB5742$15.00
SFCX Sumac Marshall 38AOB5734$15.00
Silverwood Dragon 4YOB3578$20.00
TLC Turnpike ET OB30072$20.00
TML Silverado 108S PB60577$30.00