Charolais Semen

Semen Orders: Please read this important information!

During the established Fall and Spring breeding seasons, semen orders are shipped as soon as possible after they are placed and paid for. As you might imagine during these periods, a tremendous number of orders are being placed with us. That is why we recommend that you plan far enough ahead to avoid any delays, semen shortages and extra UPS fees to expedite your order. Please note that normal ground shipments may take up to four business days. If you are unfamiliar with the manner that frozen semen is shipped, contact us for details.  On all sales orders of ten total straws or more, no packing, handling or lab fees are charged. Orders of nine straws or less will require a $15.00 packing fee.

UPS round trip freight charges WILL APPLY on all semen orders!!

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Charolais Semen

ImageSireReg NoHornPriceShopping Cart
3ACES Crushing Hearts G879 M939572Polled$50.00
ACE-ORR Efficient 972 M793475Heterozygous Polled$25.00
BHD Asset B178 P M856889Homozygous Polled$20.00
BHD Zen X270 PM799123Polled$30.00
BJR Hank 984 PM784271Polled$20.00
BOY Outlier 812 ET PLD EM908904Polled$75.00
BOY Outlier 812 ET PLD-Sexed Female EM908904Polled$250.00
CARRS Mr Burnout 130 "HC Corner Stone"EM970637Polled$35.00
CCC Unity 1501EM979369Polled$20.00
CCC WC Redemption 7143 PLD ET EM893465Polled$50.00
CCC WC Resource 417 P M846721Polled$30.00
CJC Mr President T122 M752180Polled$20.00
CJC Trademark H45M488766 Scurred$30.00
CML Diablo 2X M802033Polled$20.00
Cooley Royce 1107T39 M745957Homozygous Polled$20.00
D R Monsoon 45 EM886505Scurs$30.00
DC/CJC Sugar Daddy G1118 PM936533Polled$30.00
DC/CRJ Tank E108 P M905524Polled$25.00
DCF Relentless 8577 P M756210 Polled$50.00
DCR Mr Commissioner G309 ET EM930809Polled$15.00
DCR Mr General Ridge G117M929748Homozygous Polled$30.00
DCR Mr Substance A240 M837838Polled$30.00
DR Stealth 574M695129 Dehorned$20.00
DTR Mr. Brightside 1107G2 EM930125Polled$75.00
DTR Mr. Brightside 1107G2 (Sexed Female) EM930125Polled$300.00
Eatons White House 50148M870902Dehorned$25.00
EC Forefront 8066 PLDM818462Homozygous Polled$30.00
EC Iron Man 2027 PLDM723378 Polled$20.00
GHC Reagan 9012 EM928719Homozygous Polled$35.00
Hamm Mogo U23 FFM754943Horned$20.00
Harms Lunch Money 5530M883161Heterozygous Polled$25.00
HCR Freedom 6144 PLDM881746Polled$25.00
Hoo Made Hoo 357Y (LeddyHooDoo 357Y) EM811392Horned$50.00
JDJ Maximo A18 PM841630Homozygous Polled$20.00
JDJ Royal Trade N134M676765Polled$20.00
JDJ Smokester J1377 P ETM509419Polled$60.00
JMAR Benaiah 1E66EM879759Homozygous Polled$100.00
JS Diamond 4247 PLDM852052Polled$20.00
Keys All State 149X M792787Polled$30.00
Keys Powermax 57GM930804Polled$25.00
Lafraise Redempter 341CEM969815Polled$20.00
LCOC Polled Value P063S PM724767Homozygous Polled$18.00
LOF/VPI Abraham 48AEM847048Heterozygous Polled$25.00
LT Affinity 6221 PLD M880381Heterozygous Polled$25.00
LT Atlas 0251M943509Polled$25.00
LT Authority 7229 PLD M898189Homozygous Polled$25.00
LT Badge 9184 PLDM927067Homozygous Polled$25.00
LT Blue Mountain 1041 PLDM805531Polled$20.00
LT Bridger 9191 PldM780188Homozygous Polled$20.00
LT Citation 5228 PLDM866811Homozygous Polled$25.00
LT Dakota Rush 5500 P M865074Polled$20.00
LT Dynamic 1975M969479Polled$30.00
LT Governor 1560 PLDM963060Homozygous Polled$50.00
LT Inception 7456 PLD ETEM898286Homozygous Polled$25.00
LT Landmark 5052 PLD M866771Polled$25.00
LT Long Distance 9001 PLD M780143Homozygous Polled $20.00
LT Long Shot 1045 PLDM805534Polled$20.00
LT Maricopa 4194 PLD M852864Polled$20.00
LT Patriot 4004 PLDM852822Homozygous Polled$25.00
LT Patriot 4004 PLD (Sexed Female)M852822Homozygous Polled$50.00
LT Ransom 8644 PLDM914463Homozygous Polled$30.00
LT Reward 2348 PLDM820244Polled$20.00
LT Rushmore 8060 PLD M760665Polled$50.00
LT Sundance 2251 PLDM820210Homozygous Polled$18.00
M&M Outsider 4003 PLD M846631Polled$100.00
M6 Cool Rep 8108 ETEM770701Dehorned$50.00
M6 Fresh Air 8165 P ETEM772333Polled$25.00
M6 Grid Maker 104 PETM633377Polled$100.00
M6 New Standard 842 P ETEM756753Polled$200.00
M6 Pinnacle 712 PLD ETEM899728Polled$50.00
M6 Slam Dunk 3115 P ETEM844484Polled$30.00
M6 Sleep Easy 734 PLDM739763Polled$25.00
M6/RC Fresh Air 1138 PLDM812256 Homozygous Polled$20.00
Mr Dalton Rock CandyM929712Polled$40.00
NG Maverick 2184J EM970925Homozygous Polled$30.00
NS SCF Prescott 151 P M880852Polled$40.00
OW Lead Time 6294 PLDM875419Polled$24.00
Raile 2250 T077M749278Polled$25.00
RBM TR Rhinestone Z38 EM823104Polled$100.00
Rio Colonel B133M857140Polled$25.00
RRC I'm Your Huckleberry 511 EM858900Dehorned$30.00
SAT Boomtown 8303 P ETEM915445Polled$25.00
SAT Cornerstone 4234 PM852198Polled$25.00
SCR Tuffy 0119M787626Polled$25.00
Silverstream Evolution E168M889162Polled$50.00
Silverstream Manhattan M171 (P)M945411Homozygous Polled$30.00
Southern Seminole 3031E ET EM915419Homozygous Polled$25.00
SR/NC Field Rep 2158 P ET M665948Polled$18.00
SSR Mr Driven PLD 6004 M732976Polled$30.00
SVY Historic 241K EM965421Polled$40.00
TCCS Saint Christopher 1015 EM865401Homozygous Polled$50.00
TR CAG Carbon Copy 7630E ET EM896198Heterozygous Polled$100.00
TR DSUL 100 Proof B24 ET EM849757Polled$50.00
TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET M704588Polled$30.00
TR Mr Foreigner 9987G ETEM926138Polled$75.00
TR Mr Outkast 6605D M879418Horned$50.00
TR Mr Wrangle Up 2502Z M819085Homozygous Polled$20.00
TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET EM790987Polled$100.00
TR-WCR Rustler 2510Z M819069Polled$20.00
WC Blue Crush 4526 P M864034Polled$20.00
WC CCC Maverick 5117 P ETEM861210Polled$30.00
WC I'll Have Another ETEM815821Polled$20.00
WC Inferno 6561 P M897949Polled$30.00
WC Milestone 5223 P M865273Polled$30.00
WC Monumental 5524 PM882446Polled$25.00
WC Rampage 9514 P M938551Polled$30.00
WC Total Rush 3044 P M832388Polled$20.00
WC Uncharted 7328 P M898749Polled$30.00
WCR Icon 756 PM895832Heterozygous Polled$30.00
WCR Kingsbury 116 PM804072Polled$20.00
WCR Polar Vortex 324 PM833698Homozygous Polled$20.00
WDZ Front Range 602 P M879050Polled$25.00
WDZ Kingsman 737 P M894821Polled$25.00
WDZ Phenom 839 M912726Polled$30.00
WF Rider 118 PM957846Polled$25.00
WR Relevant J4605 EM960245Homozygous Polled$25.00
WR Swager H4103EM955193Homozygous Polled$25.00

Full French Semen

ImageSireReg NoHornPriceShopping Cart