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American Aberdeen Association - American Aberdeen (Lowline) Registry

American Akaushi Association - The official site of the American Akaushi Association.

American Angus Association - The American Angus Association is the nation's largest beef registry association with over 30,000 adult and junior members. Our goal is to serve the beef cattle industry, and increase the production of consistent, high quality beef that will better satisfy consumers throughout the world.

American Brahman Breeders Association - The American Brahman, the first beef breed developed in the United States, has played an important role not only in crossbreeding programs throughout the United States and beyond, but also has become a common thread connecting other American breeds developed in the last century.

American Embryo Transfer Association -

American Hereford Association - The official site of the American Hereford Association.

American International Charolais Association - With more than 3,300 adult members and 1,000 junior members, the AICA is one of the most dynamic and innovative breed organizations in the country! The AICA is the official registry of Charolais and Charbray cattle in the United States.

American Shorthorn Association -

American Shorthorn Association - The official site of the American Shorthorn Association.

American Simmental Association - The ASA was formed in 1968 in Bozeman, Montana, following the birth of the first Simmental sired calf in the United States. The organization was founded by a contingent of breeders who shared the common goal of further developing and improving an existing breed using sound performance principles.

American Wagyu Association - The American Wagyu Association promotes and upholds the standards for Wagyu beef, the finest quality of beef available in the United States. Highly prized for their rich flavor, these cattle produce arguably the finest beef in the world. Wagyu cattle's genetic predisposition yields a beef that contains a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than typical beef.

Beefmasters Breeders United -

Braunvieh Association of America -

Champion Genetics - Champion Genetics is your custom collection service of choice. We offer bull and buck semen collection at your site or at our facilities.

Elgin Breeding Service - Elgin Breeding Service, Inc., was founded by Dr. W.H. Cardwell in 1954. EBS is recognized as a pioneer in custom bovine semen production. EBS operates two facilities, located in Elgin, TX and Capitan, NM.

Integrated Breeders Service - Semen quality, bull care, semen exports, artificial insemination services, professional photography and veterinary consultation are a few of the services we provide.

International Brangus Breeders Association - The IBBA empowers members to advance the quality, reliability and value of Brangus and Brangus influenced cattle; provides innovative programs and services which enhance the economic well-being of members and commercial customers.

International Embryo Transfer School - A school dedicated to teaching bovine embryo transfer classes. We also offer training courses in bovine artificial insemination, bovine embryo splitting and general embryo transfer lab techniques. Embryo transfer services can also be performed at your location.

National Association of Animal Breeders -

North American Limousin Foundation - The official site of the North American Limousin Foundation.

Red Angus Association of America - The Red Angus Association of America is founded on the principle that its members and clientele are goal oriented: that goal being profitability in the beef industry. Therefore RAAA provides its members with tools to move toward the goal of profitability in the beef industry.

United Braford Breeders -