Animal Immobilizer


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The RAU rectal animal immobilizer was developed after much scientific research, for Veterinarians and Stockmen, for the safe and effective immobilization of bovine and equine animals. The instrument is constructed from high quality components and materials and comes with a rechargeable battery.  The primary use of the RAU animal Immobilizer is for electronic restraint of cattle, especially during branding, dehorning, castration, injections in the eyelid against eye infections, hoof trimming or other minor treatment procedures, without the hassle of clamps on the animal’s head and tail. The use of a head gate is also not necessary when using our rectal immobilizer. The Immobilizer has also been used successfully on horses, sheep, goats, camels, hogs and deer.  The low AC current output technology ensures immobilization is not stressful to animals. To date field trials have shown no negative effects, even on pregnant animals, at any stage of pregnancy.  The RAU animal Immobilizer technology uses weak electronic impulses that stimulate the animal’s natural nervous system’s response to muscle constriction, allowing the operator to perform his treatments in the shortest possible time. The employment of the instrument minimizes stress and danger of injuries for the animal during treatment and also reduces stress related reactions, such as weight loss and panicking. At the same time, the instrument also offers increased security and efficiency for the user.  The RAU Animal Immobilizer has a 12 Volt, self-contained, sealed lead-acid, rechargeable battery, capable of delivering 8 – 10 hours of continuous use. The battery is easily charged using the adaptor provided.

IMPORTANT:  Although this equipment is able to immobilize an animal, it in no way releases the operator from the responsibility of providing adequate pain control. It should not be used as a substitute for anesthetics for surgical procedures where a local or general anesthetic would, under normal circumstances, be required. The use of this equipment is entirely at the operator’s risk. Dealing with animals can be dangerous, and should only be undertaken by veterinarians or competent stockmen.

WARRANTY:  These units come with a one year parts and labor warranty. (excluding the rechargeable battery).