Gloves – Maxi Sleeve (Small)


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This is the glove that many Veterinarians prefer. This is a lightweight, very sturdy plastic glove, universally sized and packaged in sturdy resealable poly bags of 100 gloves each.

Designed for OB and A.I. use by veterinarians and technicians with smaller hands (glove size 8 or smaller), the disposable, polyethylene SMALL HAND “POLY-SLEEVE”® is available in blue 1.25 mil (Heavy-Duty) film. The Ag-Tek® SMALL HAND “POLY-SLEEVE”® is a premium 36”, shoulder length, OB/A.I. glove shaped to fit the small hand with a minimum of material overlap. The glove is packaged in a resealable, pressure-lock bag for ease of dispensing and dust free storage. Each bag (POLY-PACK) contains 100 gloves.

  • Quantity: 100/Bag