E F Eston

Registration No: 14163582
Born: 01/22/1998


215 remaining

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A blending of the herd sire producing Rita and Anita families, “Eston” is a sire that offers attractive EPD balance in all measurable traits. This bull earned an impressive individual IMF ratio of 144 and an individual ultrasound ribeye ratio of 121, ranking him in the top one percent among current sires for UREA, and $W. A legacy in the making, this bull will add extra body length, depth of quarter, and disposition. Eston’s progeny are coming easy and have explosive growth showing average bone with lots of length, hip and extension. A great cross for Traveler and New Design bloodlines. Eston steers harvested in 2005 combined for a marbling score of 5.20, HCW of 839, back fat of .44 and REA of 14.5.

CSS qualified semen available

  • Tattoo: 219
  • Frame Score: 6.0