HeartBrand Harwood 2941A

Registration No: AF46484
Born: 12/18/2013


135 remaining

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HeartBrand Harwood 2941A is a high performing, great structured herd sire that is a grandson of Hikari and out of a very productive dam.  Backed by elite foundation genetics, Harwood packs a ton of performance into a thick and deep bodied build, with a world of muscle.  If you study deep his pedigree you’ll find the famous cow Dai 8 Marunami, famous for her production.  Harwood is a growth curve bender for an Akaushi, charting an impressive spread from birth to weaning.


CSS qualified semen available

  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Color: Red
  • Birth Weight: 67 lbs
  • 205 Day Weight: 659 lbs
  • Makeup: 100% AA
  • F11: Carrier
  • F13: Free
  • CHS: Free
  • Band3: Free

To learn about Akaushi cattle and the HeartBrand Beef Cattle Program, access their website: http://heartbrandcattle.com/