HeartBrand Raymond Reddington 3186A ET

Registration No: AF61154
Born: 10/14/2013


57 remaining

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HeartBrand’s 20 years of intense selection for quality and productivity is represented in this bull. Raymond is very unique in his build for an Akaushi bull. He combines stout features and massive body-type with eye appeal and balance. His dam, V5909S, is deceased but has produced several featured sires and young and upcoming daughters at HeartBrand. Breed with confidence in this Shigemaru son backed by a legendary dam. This bull will leave his mark on the Akaushi breed in due time

  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Color: Red
  • Birth Wt: 75
  • Weaning Wt: 539
  • Makeup: 100% AA
  • Defects: F11C-F13F-CHSF-Band3F
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease  

To learn about Akaushi cattle and the HeartBrand Beef Cattle Program, access their website: http://heartbrandcattle.com/