B3R Back to Basics U077

Registration No: 16317735
Born: 09/25/2008


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B3R Back To Basics U077
• Low birth & high $EN genetics
• Recording the Number 3 Docility EPD among ALL active Angus sires as of this writing, as of December 8, 2013, there have been 133 progeny of Back to Basics born unassisted from first calf heifers in five herds with 243 calves born in eight herds recording an exceptional average birth ratio of 96 and the first 80 progeny of Back to Basics scanned in four herds have an average %IMF ratio of 104.
• Combining his top 1% CED, top 1% BEPD and top 1% CEM and 1% Docility EPD with a top 15% $W index, a top 10% Marbling EPD, a top 10% SC EPD and a top 3% $EN index, exactly as his name suggests, Back to Basics provides fertility, longevity, efficiency and proven calving ease in an eye-appealing and gentle package and his dam from a family of longevity traces back to one of the original cows selected by the Bradley 3 Ranch in 1957, making Back to Basics the ultimate result of decasdes of selection to survive and prosper in adverse conditions.
• Proven calving ease and essential convenience traits in a cost-effective semen purchase that you can use to breed virgin heifers and use to produce replacement heifers with moderate mature cow size, increased cow efficiency, added docility, fertility in both sexes of progeny and longevity while still offering marbling genetics among the top 10% of available Angus sires.
• After the Spring 2015 NCE update, Back to Basics ranks Number 3 among active Angus sires for CED EPD and Number 7 for Docility EPD with AHIR records as of this writing including 155 unassisted calves born from first calf heifers and 318 calves with an average birth ratio of 96 to make him a completely reliable calving-ease option for breeding virgin heifers and a great candidate to sire replacement females with all the convenience traits and the toughness to perform and produce in the challenging environment of West Texas where he was born, raised and proven.

  • Tattoo: U077