Basin Payweight 107S

Registration No: 15332022
Born: 02/01/2006


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As of 9-21-18, top 1% for Docility score EPD, top 2% for $Beef value index, top 3% for Weaning Weight EPD, top 5% for $Feedlot value index, top 10% for Yearling Weight EPD, Residual Average Daily Gain EPD and daughters’ Calving Ease Maternal EPD and top 25% for $Weaned calf value index, Dry Matter Intake EPD and Scrotal Circumference EPD.  With one carcass harvested and 724 progeny scanned in 303 contemporary groups, top 1% for hot Carcass Weight EPD and top 5% for Rib Eye area measure EPD.  A high accuracy, time-tested genetic choice with a phenomenal 1,916 progeny that record an average weaning ratio of 102 with 1,097 recording an average yearling ratio of 102 while 761 head scanned have an average URE ratio of 103.

This top proven sire exemplifies the Basin Angus quest for improving feed efficiency undertaken by Doug Stevenson with sons that have excelled for Residual Feed Intake and Average Daily Gain on the feed efficiency and gain competition test at the Midland Bull Test.

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