EXAR Denver 2002B

Registration No: 17160560
Born: 01/01/2012


17 remaining

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Progeny of Denver have been favorites and top-sellers of the past four years at Express, with sons enjoying great demand from Express commercial bull customers and seedstock producers and daughters topping sales and developing into great young cows and as the youngest bull whose first calf crop ranked him among the Top 25 sires of progeny registered in 2014, Denver remained among that elite Top 25 sires of progeny registered for three consecutive years.  Denver set a sales record at America’s largest seed stock operation when he sold one-third semen interest for $340,000 after being a second generation lead bull of an Express National Western Grand Champion Carload of Bulls at the 2013 National Western where he was the favorite Angus bull of the yards.

With stellar individual performance, Denver recorded an adjusted %IMF estimate of 6.11% for an IMF ratio of 104 and adjusted 365 day URE measure of 18.5 square inches for a URE ratio of 109 and his powerful dam by the $263,000 past record-seller EXAR 263C has three natural calves with an average birth ratio of 94 and average weaning ratio of 112 and two yearlings with an average ratio of 113 and her 42 progeny scanned have an average IMF ratio of 104 and an average URE ratio of 102

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