EXAR Stallion 7986

Registration No: 18567879
Born: 08/25/2016


32 remaining

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The most elite EXAR Stud son in the business and definitely one to sample.  One of an exclusive group of bulls that meets all of these important landmarks with +10 CED, less than +2.0 BW, +140 YW, +70 $W and +200 $B.  His Dam is a picture perfect Impression daughter that sold for $115,000 topping the 2017 Express Ranches Big Event Sale.  He is moderate framed, fault free in his structure and full of breed leading genomics.  EXAR Stallion represents the next step forward in a combination of his individual performance excellence and his genomic-enhanced EPD profile.  He sold for $200,000 for half interest in the 2017 Express Fall Bull Sale.  Stallion had an IMF ratio of 106 and an adjusted 365 day ultrasound rib eye area measure of 16.3 square inches for a URE ratio of 107.  His dam is an attractive and powerful young cow that has an average progeny birth ratio of 94, average progeny yearling ratio of 102, an average progeny %IMF ratio of 125 and an average progeny URE ratio of 102.  Here is a young sire with Calving Ease, Maternal Value, Carcass Quality and plenty of Performance for your next AI Project.

  • Tattoo: 7986
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease