EXAR Stud 4658B

Registration No: 17908266
Born: 08/13/2014


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EXAR STUD 4658B is a deep ribbed, heavy muscled bull with good feet and an attractive profile.  EXAR STUD 4658B is the ONLY non-parent bull sired by Ten X at this time that is +12 or more for CED and +203.45 for $Beef!  Out of the famous 1559 donor and Ten X, this future herd sire will complement and add value to any cowherd!  Examine his amazing EPD profile and spread, study his genomic stats, and last but not least, evaluate his impressive phenotype, and we think you’ll agree “Stud” lives up to his name.  Based on phenotype and data, EXAR STUD 4658B is the most complete son of Ten X.  Very few bulls can match his top %1 ranking for all four $ values.  Use EXAR STUD 4658B as a calving-ease bull with performance and balance in his data.  The youngest bull among the top 25 sires of progeny registered by the American Angus Association during the past fiscal year with only his first calf crop which is a testament to his widespread use as a yearling based on his superior genomic-enhanced EPD profile, Stud is a calving-ease bull with a powerful look and exceptional balance across all aspects of performance – growth, efficiency, maternal and carcass traits. The now-deceased dam of Stud is a proven source of added marbling genetics with 16 progeny scanned with an average IMF ratio of 112 and she is also the dam of the ORIgen sires, the $100,000 third interest EXAR Rapture 5844B, the $210,000 half interest EXAR Spread 5767B, and the marbling and calving ease full brothers EXAR Profiteer 5730B, and EXAR Prophetic 5732B.

  • Tattoo: 4658B
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease