G A R 100X

Registration No: 17774305
Born: 09/22/2013


78 remaining

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Here is one of the most impressive 10X son’s we have seen thus far. He is backed by consistent genetics that seem to never miss within the Angus breed; which, from a numbers perspective always seems to be changing. His sire has already proven himself and is accepted by breeders nationwide. 100X certainly has all the tools to build upon an already impressive legacy and did we mention he is the number one bull in the breed as of now? Look at the data and the pedigree for yourself if you are hesitant, but use 100X with confidence! He is so good everywhere, and will only move your herd to top.  Extreme Calving Ease with significant improvements for carcass merit.  Use to reduce birth weight and keep mature size under control.  100X-sired cattle score high for Marb and RE along with HP, CEM and Milk.

  • Tattoo: A3052
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease