Hoover Dam G18

Registration No: 16124994
Born: 01/25/2008


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The Hoover Dam calves have exceptional thickness, especially for a bull with such a proven low birth weight. They have eye appeal, power and mass in a moderate framed package. Even more exciting is Hoover Dam’s successes in carcass and feed efficiency traits. His carcass EPDs have risen significantly after calves have been ultrasounded in herds across the country. Over 1200 progeny in 172 herds have an average 105 IMF ratio and 101 RE ratio! Hoover Dam’s Ribeye EPD continues to rise above the top 1% of the breed. In the 2011 Midland Bull Test, progeny from multiple herds also topped the test for RFI score, with the average RFI -2.79!  One of the most popular and most proven sires in the breed.   Moderate framed and powerful, combining high accuracy calving ease with outstanding carcass merit and maternal value.   Progeny are thick, attractive and correct with a highly sought after combination of calving ease, muscle and docility.   Ranks in the top 30% of the breed for both $W and $EN with nice uddered, productive easy to like daughters.   Among the best foot improvers in the breed with +.39 Claw & +.42 Angle Foot Score research EPDs.

  • Tattoo: G18