Laflins Marvel 1801

Registration No: 19091613
Born: 01/22/2018


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Laflins Marvel has muscle (17.4” REA/365days) and uniquely carries more muscle through his hip, rump, and round to match that huge top.  We believe he can sire females with enough width, depth and constitution for stayability, along with strength of his pedigree for maternal traits.  This bull is sound, free moving and good footed.  Here is a bull with extreme eye appeal that can sire cattle that are attractive, clean fronted and clean chested with a desirable underline and great topline.  Laflins Marvel 1801 is a sire with the ability to produce cattle that will work for all phases of the show ring, maternal side, bull sales and the sale ring.  He is a bull that could sire daughters that would make tremendous females with enough width, depth, and constitution to keep easily.  Laflins Marvel 1801 was Grand Champion bull at the 2019 Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska State Fairs and Class winner 2020 NWSS.

  • Tattoo: 1801
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect