LAR Man In Black

Registration No: 19955191
Born: 01/27/2020


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He’s been a man amongst boys from a young age, combining tremendous base width and muscle with exceptional substance, rib shape and length of body. Described by many astute cattlemen as the most powerful Angus bull they’ve seen in recent years.  Impressive individual performer with a 791 WW (125 ratio), 1,489 YW (118 ratio), 5.54 IMF (107 ratio) and 15.0 RE (113 ratio).  His dam is a 9 year old Pathfinder® with a great udder and a nursing ratio of 112.  His unique data and imposing phenotype make for as stout of a power bull package as we know how to make.

  • BW: 88 lbs
  • WW: 791 lbs
  • YW: 1489 lbs
  • SC: 40 cm