LD Capitalist 316

Registration No: 17666102
Born: 01/26/2013


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LD Capitalist 316 is a calving ease bull that is phenotypically phenomenal! Heavy muscled, bold ribbed and super sound footed – he couples extreme calving ease with performance and power.  Back to the Dixie Erica cow family on the bottom side, Capitalist 316 brings more maternal predictability to the table than his sire. Here is a bull to inject muscle, substance and shape with balanced EPDs and the look we like.  Deep, wide-based, strong topped, big muscle are all words that describe 316.  Inspection of yearlings showed that 316 stamps his progeny, attractive, thick and deep flanked.  Dam and the dam line are again wide based, big volume powerful cows.  Few sires have the strength, power and balance of 316 and then stamp their progeny.  He is very good feet and legs and has a very quiet nature.  316 ranks in the top 20% or better for 9 breed leading traits including CED, BW, WW, YW, CEM, Milk, CW, $W and $F.


CSS qualified semen available

  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease