MGR Treasure 5017

Registration No: 18156972
Born: 01/17/2015


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Treasure has passed every test and now displays over 500 progeny records for birth weight. His abilities as a proven heifer bull in tandem with elite growth and carcass quality have been solidified in some of the breed’s toughest contemporary groups.  Treasure sired the top selling bull in Connealy’s 2018 spring sale and is a consistent sire of daughters that are feminine and broody with exceptional foot quality.  He has solidified his place in the industry and is a useful tool to moderate milk without sacrificing growth.  Birth Wt: 75 lbs, Weaning Wt: 843 lbs, Yearling Wt: 1469 lbs, Yearling SC: 39.0 cm, Yearling Frame: 6.3

  • Tattoo: 5017
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect