S A V Resource 1441

Registration No: 17016597


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One of the most iconic bulls in the breed; Resource is the most popular sire from the Genex lineup due to his ability to sire growth, carcass merit and maternal ability in a desirable package.  Resource brings to the table the basics of efficiency and natural fleshing ability, with thickness, muscle, masculinity, superb structure, feet quality and authentic breed character.  Resource sons have unprecedented performance and industry appeal, while his daughters are making superb brood cows with high quality udders and abundant milk.  Among the breed’s top registration sires, Resource is in a league of his own for siring body dimension, fleshing ease, muscle thickness and breed character. He consistently sires high quality functional phenotype and unprecedented productivity.  Resource daughters are prized assets in breeding programs that admire eye-appealing, highly productive females that are easy to be around.  The highly popular, well-proven son of the legendary donor, S A V Blackcap May 4136, Resource is a truly sensational genetic package that has written his own legacy in the Angus archives.

  • Tattoo: 1441