V A R Discovery 2240

Registration No: 17262835
Born: 03/06/2012


21 remaining

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Discovery is a rare genetic package with moderate birth, extreme growth and elite carcass traits.  No other proven sire can match his combination of $W and $B.  His progeny have been highly sought after in sales throughout the United States.  His sons are muscular and masculine. His daughters are feminine and broody.  He was the lead off and high selling bull of the 2013 Vintage Angus Ranch Bull Sale, CA.  If you’re looking for proof, V A R Discovery 2240 has proven himself to be the go-to Multi-Trait excellence sire in the breed.  With over 3,400 genomic progeny tested, over 3,000 BW records, over 3,000 WW records, over 1,600 YW records, over 1,700 ultrasound records and some actual kill data records,V A R Discovery 2240 is the only proven sire above .75 accuracy to rank in the top 10% or better for all six dollar indexes: $Wean, $Feedlot, $Grid, $Quality Grade, $Yield Grade, and $Beef.  V A R Discovery 2240 posts accuracy numbers of .95 BW, .94 WW and .91 YW. For proven bulls with a .90 accuracy or higher, V A R Discovery ranks in the top 2% for YW, $W and $G, the top 5% for $QG and $Beef, while maintaining a top 3% for WW, top 2% for YW and a top 15% or better for all carcass traits (CW, MARB, RE and FAT).

  • Tattoo: 2240