WR Journey-1X74

Registration No: 16924332
Born: 12/19/2010


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Elite Calving ease and carcass merit combination.  Journey posts a negative Birth Weight EPD and double digit Calving Ease with top 2% Rib Eye Area.  He also ranks in the top 15% of the population for Marbling, $Grid Value, $Quality Grade, $Yield Grade and $Beef.  A breed leader for Docility, RADG and reduced Dry Matter Intake.  No other bull in the Angus database can match Journey’s combination of calving ease, accelerated performance, docility and end product excellence.  He ranks in the top 20% or better among current sires for 10 of the measured traits and indexes available on an Angus pedigree.
Journey is an exceptionally long bodied bull. He is athletic and free moving with excellent foot structure.  Us him to add length and performance in a calving ease package, and to stay on the leading edge of Angus EPDs and genomic data.

  • Tattoo: 1X74