Andras Fusion R236

Registration No: 1506931
Born: 09/18/2011


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Fusion is currently the #1 proven calving ease option in the ABS lineup. He is wide bodied, deep ribbed and heavy muscled, outstanding foot quality and structural soundness. He has an outcross pedigree featuring the proven influence of calving ease, maternal and docility leader In Focus. Progeny are moderate in stature, thick made and deep bodied with unsurpassed docility. Not only a great production sire but he also sired the Champion bull and female at NWSS in Denver.

  • Birth Weight: 74 lbs
  • 205 Day Weight: 648 lbs
  • Mature Weight: 2385 lbs
  • Mature Height: 56 inches
  • Mature SC: 48 cm