Bieber Rreds Takeout 305A

Registration No: 1599554
Born: 03/05/2013


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Takeout offers amazing power, masculinity, dimension and muscle shape with all the convenience of his sire. Big bodied in a moderate-frame, look for progeny to have lots of performance with his eye-appealing look. He weighed off test as a yearling at an impressive 1,449 lbs. and posts in the top 20 percent for WW and top 30 percent for STAY. He traces back to a lot of well-known sires in his pedigree yet has a lot of use potential on several red angus bloodlines.


  • Birth Weight: 84 lbs
  • Weaning Weight: 747 lbs
  • Yearling Weight: 1449 lbs
  • Yearling SC: 32 cm
  • Yearling Frame: 5.5