Over Draft Pick 413D

Registration No: 3548524
Born: 01/19/2016


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Draft Pick is taking his place among the elite Red Angus sires. He combines some of the best cow families in the breed, including Jolene, Blockana and Abigrace. His progeny proof has solidified his merit as an excellent heifer bull, producing calves that perform, with tons of body and hindquarter. From a true maternal matron, the dam of Draft Pick has an incredible record and body type that all of us desire in a cow herd. He’s a proven sire with an outstanding genetic script, excellent calving ease, and extras for maternal and carcass. Draft Pick stacks up well for MARB, REA and CW and is in the top 10% of the breed for GridMaster index. Among his many qualities, Draft Pick is an excellent structured bull and can be used for foot improvement. His high fertility semen will leave you with a tremendous set of calves that have incredible quality. He puts it all together with calving ease, performance and carcass quality and an awesome phenotype.

CSS qualified semen available

  • Birth Weight: 60 lbs
  • Weaning Weight: 677 lbs
  • Yearling Weight: 1232 lbs
  • Yearling SC: 35 cm
  • Yearling Frame: 5.8
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect