HXC Allegiance 5502C

Registration No: 3494126
Born: 02/04/2015


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Excellent progeny have made Allegiance an exceptional customer satisfaction sire, driving high demand. He is designed to infuse breed leading growth, marbling and phenotype in one package. Allegiance is the #1 bull in the active ABS lineup for Marbling EPD and top of the breed for growth and performance. He has a near flawless type and kind, attractive profile, super sound, very thick with added muscle yet deep and soft sided.

  • Birth Weight: 82 lbs
  • 205 Day Weight: 702 lbs
  • 365 Day Weight: 136 lbs
  • Mature SC: 42.0 cm
  • Mature Weight: 2200 lbs
  • Mature Height: 57 inches
  • Mature Frame: 5.5